Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mohd, my sister in law Tania's son, an extremely hyper and super intelligent four year old with a mop of curly hair falling on his forehead. He loves talking non stop and most of the conversations involve his supremacy and how Four Arms and Humangasora will eat me alive. MO's imagination is heavily influenced by Ben10, and so his fascination with the super hero kid reflects innocently in his banter.

He is the sort of child who demands constant attention and will show his annoyance at being ignored. Being a typical boy, he will jump onto you suddenly like in a tag team match and do his level best to pin you down. I remember the day he was born, 23rd December 2005, the nurse opened the door and wheeled in a small cot and said " Who wants to see the baby". Excitedly,we all gathered around and were baffled as we weren't sure where the baby was. Mohd was wrapped in a bright green cloth and was a tiny little thing bundled up near the edge. He was bright red with pink lips. I was so fascinated by him as I had never seen a few minutes old baby before. It was early days in my marriage and I decided to settle down and take it easy for a few months. I happily spent those days at home, a major reason was Mohd. He is in Pakistan these days for his annual summer vacations, eagerly waiting for him to get back from Lahore. MO makes life very interesting.

PS: He appointed me the official guardian of his chicks while he is in Lahore, they being under a constant threat from Aki Mamoo, who wants to have them for dinner.

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This is choti Mishu!