Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banaras !

"Banaras, open the gate quickly", shouts out Mehwish as she climbs into her car. The boy runs to open the rickety gate and stands holding it because of the wind. As the car rolls out, Mehwish notices the discolouration and acne ridden skin on the boys neck and hands. She gets a shudder and wants him to go away. Banaras had arrived in the city just a few days ago from a village near Mianwali. He had spent the past few days staring at everything in awe as all was new and extremely exciting for him. He loved the hustle bustle and the huge house with a green swing, sat on it every chance he got. The other boy working in the kitchen was a Balti so he barely understood him and paid little attention to his instructions. He felt free and excited, extremely happy with this new phase in his life.

Banaras being the youngest of three elder brothers, was a pampered young man. His elder brothers had been employed in the city at various jobs for many years. They wanted the same for him. He was extremely raw and unruly at the moment, needed to learn manners badly.

Mehwish hated the sight of him, as he was sweaty and dirty all the time. She didn't want him touching anything in her room.

The story of young, filthy, poverty ridden Banaras continues....

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